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About The Academy

Ladder Hacker Academy is a collection of on-demand, interactive modules, quizzes and downloadable resources that help newcomers to business; recent college grads, people transitioning mid career, or transitioning from blue collar to white collar, learn the necessary skills to succeed in any business or corporate setting.

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Conflict Resolution

We teach you the skills to find peaceful solutions to disagreements in business Settings.

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The Perfect Interview

Showing up 10 minutes early is just the beginning. We will give
you a few secrets to help you ace the interview.

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You Got The Job! Now What?

The hardest part is not over, it is just the beginning.
Learn the skills needed to succeed in business settings.

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What They Don't Teach You About Corporate In School

If you think it’s as simple as submitting your resume
online, you’re in for a surprise. We walk you through the steps to help separate
you from the rest.

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Getting Noticed In The Office for The Right Reason

We teach you secrets to
getting noticed in the office WITHOUT being a “suck-up”.

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Office Etiquette and Job Management

There is a lot to learn, but we help you fast track some of the
skills necessary to advance in corporate settings.

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Basics Of Networking

The art of networking may be even more important in
office settings. We give you a roadmap on how to network to advance.

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How to handle a business lunch or dinner

Conducting a lunch or dinner can be
overwhelming. We teach you the steps to make any client meal successful.

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Tips for applying for the job

The best part about learning new dance moves is gaining the confidence to show them off. Learn dance routines you can't wait to share while burning calories and building lean muscle.

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The Founder!

Amani is a rising entrepreneur, investor and sales executive that is spearheading the movement to spread information to grow our community.

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Are You Ready To Change your life?  

“Success is like a ladder and no one has ever climbed a ladder with their hands in their pockets.” – Zig Zigler

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The Core Values Of The Academy

These 3 Pillars are the catalyst to my advancement and are the foundation to the Ladder Hacker Academy.


Being Accountable for your actions, being on time, and making deadlines.


Office etiquette, problem solving, Networking, and more.


How to dress the part for the right situation, and how to align your style of conducting business with your best foot forward.

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"I feel so much stronger after taking Amani's class."

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"I've always dreaded corporate, but now I look forward to everyday at work moving forward."

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"I was worried I would get fired  and now I just got promoted to Manager."

Angie Birman

"I never thought taking an online course could really help me grow like this! Thank you Amani for changing my life."

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